About Sarah Liptrot

Sarah Liptrot

Sculptor, Artist, Traveller, Teacher, Writer, Photographer.


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 I have been sculpting anything I could find since I can remember.  I have had several studios in Newcastle upon Tyne, Barcelona, London, Exeter, Frome, and Trowbridge where I  experimented and created public installations using various 2D and 3D media.    After completing four years of study at City & Guilds of London Art School in 2011, I became professional. I have won many prestigious awards and prizes from such institutions as; The Honourable Knights of the Round Table, The Chelsea Arts Club, The Carpenter's Company, The Fishmonger's Guild, and the David Ballardie Memorial for Arts History. 

I enjoy creating designs to solve the ambiguities of social space.  I am fluent in most materials and versatile to any demand.  I am based in Wiltshire, England but sometimes my work takes me further abroad, depending on the nature of the commission or teaching.  My clients are international and my work can be shipped to most destinations worldwide.

I am   an established Heraldic Sculptor, I also model and carve portraits, realistic and imagined pieces, producing figurative and abstract work in wood, stone, wax, clay, plaster and bronze.   

I currently have permanent installations of my work on the facade of St.George's chapel, Windsor,  in Pancras Lane, London, in the Fishmonger's Hall, London, and in Frome, Somerset.

I have previously had exhibitions in various public spaces in the centre of Barcelona, The Chelsea Arts Club in London, as well as St.George's Chapel, Windsor.

So far, I have visited, travelled through, taught and lived in 40 countries in 4 continents.  I will be adding more information about these experiences as well as paintings, drawings and other projects on my other website which is currently being developed:


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