Andrew Scott Esq Coat of Arms

After I have drawn my design of the proposed coat of arms to size and all is agreed upon with regards to price, finish and level of detail, I will then start carving.  The carving here is in lime wood and measures approximately 24 X 22 X 4 inches.  The requirement was for a gilded and painted finish.  To do this, I had to brush many levels of gesso onto the wooden surface and then sand to a very fine smooth and reflective surface to provide a cushion for burnishing the gold leaf.  I then applied both watergilding and oil gilding depending on whether or not the gilded surface would be burnished or not.  Last but not least, I painted the mantling, the coloured emblems on the shield, and the lettering on the motto and the plaque.

This is the coat of arms of Mr. Andrew Scott Esquire, Prime Warden of the Fishmonger's Guild, which is one of the old Livery companies in London.  Every year a new warden is chosen and his coat of arms is diplayed in the Fishmonger's Hall on London Bridge.

His coat of arms describes his family's Scottish heritage and hunting traditions as well as his status within the family.  The two supportes are classical dolphins, which is the heraldic symbol of the Fishmonger's Guild.

Sarah  Liptrot

Description by Claire Crawford of this coat of arms in an article in an edition of The Heraldic Craftman published by The Society Of The Heraldic Arts.