Faith Hope Love

Sarah Liptrot Sculptor

Faith, Hope, Love

Portland limestone - 150 X 50 X 50 cm

Private commission in Frome, Somerset

I met the clients for this piece in a pub in Frome during which a conversation was started about sculpture, and the client expressed a wish to have some stone nympths at the bottom of the garden.  The result of this conversation concluded in my drawing a few designs and meeting again to discuss the logistics and costs.  An agreement was reached and work began on a sculpture which during the year (with breaks and between other work commitments) became Faith, Hope, Love (derived from a verse in Corinthians).

The site in the client's garden before the sculpture was placed there.

The Making of Faith, Hope, Love

First a model in clay was made and cast using a silcon mould in my studio.  These models are available for sale as a limited edition model.  They can be cast for indoor or outdoor conditions in a variety of materials and finishes.  Please contact me for more details.

A block of Portland limestone was ordered from a quarry from a bed with few fissures or fossilised deposits.  The stone was then sent to the stone yard where sawyers cut it to a more precise size.

The stone was then delivered to the client's house where I carved the sculpture on site.

Here you can see the model is being used to guide the composition of the carving.  However, since the carving is completed in stone rather than the clay that was used to do the modelling, the finished sculpture in stone is a little different.

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