What is Heraldry?

Heraldry is a way of discovering the lineage and background of a family or institution that has been of continuing importance to a country.  It describes the coat of arms that have been awarded and passed down through a family, this will also include heraldic beasts that are attributed as important symbols and either depicted in their own right or displayed on the crest of a coat of arms.  The use of heraldic emblems is restricted to the old families and institutions of Europe, people living in other countries often find that their families origins in Europe merit the handing down or awarding of a coat of arms because of the status of the family.  In England, this is done by applying through the Royal College of Arms in London for a blazon or description.  Each country has slightly different rules of heraldry.

The Heraldic Artist has license to design the mantling and the motto as she wishes.  The other elements have to be as described as in the blazon and in the same positions, facing left (sinister) or right (dexter), or as with the healdic beasts: rampant, etc.  Although all can be stylised as the artist wishes.  However, the helms have rules of depiction showing particular status, and the torse has six bands showing.  Not all the elements may be used.  Coats of arms often do not have supoorters and sometimes do not have crests.

After receiving the blazon, I will then need the size you require and a little discussion about the style, after which I will draw a design such as in the example here.  After you have agreed on the design and the price, I will then start the work.  Prices for a full size 24 X 24 inch carving start at £4300.  Prices for a smaller coat of arms plaque measuring 12 X 12 on a background start at £1500.

A rough model of the arms to be carving to be done will be sketched out to give indications of the depths.

You may want several of the same coats of arms carved in the same way.  If this is the case, then the carving of all the coats of arms should usually be done at the same time.