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Sarah Liptrot Sculptor

Arab portrait
Foot in lime wood

Anything is Possible!

No project is beyond that of a true Sculptor.  With any space and with virtually any material, I can make any idea a reality and complete any interior or exterior wall or space with a handmade art work.

It can be as unique as you wish or refer to something you already have in mind, such as your heraldic coat of arms or portrait, figure or bespoke public sculpture. 

Send me an email regarding your enquiry and we can discuss how to make it a tangible reality.  I will design and draw the project, taking into consideration any preferences.  The materials, scale, amount of detail and price are negotiated and then the work can begin.  All carved works are hand finished with chisels.

Call me on +44 (0)7583551221 or drop me an email at:

Sculptor, Carver, Traveller, Teacher, Writer


Is also a large part of what I do.

I enjoy helping students of all ages to find their creative potential.

I have designed and taught short courses and arts projects in schools and colleges in England and in Colombia.

I can also offer personal tuition from time to time.

Click on the photo for examples of student work.

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