Windsor Grotesques

Sculptor, Carver, Traveller, Teacher, Writer

Stone Grotesques for St.George's chapel at Windsor.


Installed on the exterior facade, on the upper string course.

There is a huge project to replace the deteriorating Victorian grotesques on the three string courses around the facade of St. George's chapel with new interpretations by contemporary stone sculptors.  Two of my designs were chosen.  One is already installed and the other in the process of being installed now.


Currently being installed on the facade.

Modelled in clay and then carved in Syreford limestone.

Pub Dragon

My interest in groteques began a long time ago while carving at the Portland Stone Quarry.  This was a spontaneous free carving of a dragon carrying an egg, It was carved in found Portland limestone that was full of fossilised shell and then left in a pub (to the landlord's delight), somewhere in Portland while visiting.